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Sean Rademaker, a Kentucky artist, has always had a desire to draw and paint. Even from a young age he was recognized as a boy with a knack for creating, and found fascination with wildlife while exploring the forests and nature preserves close to his home. Though what was a young mans hobby grew into a full blown obsession, which has continued to this day. Although his home is in Kentucky he has a strong affection for the West, which he visits often to gather reference as well as a fresh dose of inspiration. So there is never a lack of ideas on the horizon. “Before I can get one vision onto the canvas I have five more bouncing around in my head. It consumes me. I am obsessed with it. And I love it.” the artist says. A perpetual student of the craft, with meticulous attention to detail, he paints the creatures that he loves and the habitats they call home.

Sean resides in Louisville, KY. with his wife Susan and their two children.

"Being a husband, a father, and a painter are what defines me. It’s all I know and there is no plan B." ~ Sean Rademaker

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